Project Tipping Point

We’re excited to share with you our campaign to raise funds towards transforming our community! Join us in supporting our TIP L/A Leaders!

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We are at a Tipping Point, Lewiston Auburn is on the edge of something great.

 We need to work together to create our future. 

We love Lewiston Auburn and know many of us are asking the tough questions about how to make our community stronger. It’s time for us to stop wrestling with the questions alone. Together we have the answers. 

The TIP L/A Leader Program is an innovative approach to bringing people across our communities together to

  • enhance your ability to manage change and lead collaboratively
  • spur innovative approaches to community transformation
  • strengthen, diversify and enhance your professional and civic network   


In 9 immersive sessions, over 18 months, you will learn and practice the skills needed to be your best and lead L/A to its full potential. Project Tipping Point’s TIP L/A Leader Program will weave you into a robust network of change-makers striving for their personal best and the transformation of L/A. 

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TIP L/A is an 18 month personal and professional development journey focused on the individual, and the network within which they work and live. 

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Project Tipping Point offers facilitation, training and process design consulting services. Work with Shanna Cox to design planning, navigate change, and recognize opportunities for growth and transformation. 

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Project Tipping Point offers multiple ways to engage with others in community, and to enhance your knowledge and skill set while broadening your network of support in L/A. 

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Project Tipping Point envisions a Lewiston-Auburn where neighbors help neighbors, children take pride in hailing from the Twin Cities, and the reputation of this great community is representative of the immense potential that is present here.

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Time for Tipping

We are at a tipping point, Lewiston-Auburn is on the edge of something great. The old way of doing things is over.

It’s time to facilitate the future—and the potential—of Lewiston-Auburn through the creation of a robust, cohesive network of skilled leaders. 


Professionals and up-and-coming innovators who work, live, or both, within the Lewiston-Auburn area.

We are looking for our first class of Tip L/A Leaders, and it could be you. 

Learn about becoming a TIP L/A Leader