The Details

Cost and Payment Options

Tuition to TIP L/A Leader Program is $5,000 a participant. Tuition includes the cost for:

  • all accommodations and meals
  • books and materials
  • monthly coaching
  • monthly inspiration and network sessions
  • half day workshop for organization or business of your choosing

Payment options are offered, we require $1,000 down by September 15th. The remaining can be split into payments that fit your needs- monthly, quarterly or annually. 

Scholarships and sponsorships exist to remove financial barriers. Project Tipping Point’s Kickstarter video is raising dollars for scholarships. We also work with businesses, individuals and philanthropic interests to match Leader Sponsors with participants. Find out more!

Learning Components

  • Group learning occurs in 4 small cohorts (broken from the larger class of 40) and meet for 9 sessions over an 18-month time period.
  • Diverse class and cohorts are designed to bring together those from different sectors and backgrounds to enhance the learning experience, expose leaders to multiple aspects of the Lewiston-Auburn community, and create shared language and vocabulary.
  • Co-created curriculum is designed into the learning experience. Core curriculum components will be enhanced by real case studies from participants who assist in planning and leading aspects of sessions.
  • Community-based projects provide the opportunity to practice learning and hone skills while contributing to Lewiston-Auburn in tangible ways.
  • Regular coaching will support knowledge transfer from the learning environment to the working environment, helping leaders apply the learning, problem solve, and integrate new behaviors and skills into everyday aspects of paid and volunteer work.
  • Regular social gatherings will be hosted to inspire leaders, create and strengthen informal relationships, and share the experience to individuals’ extended networks.
  • A half-day workshop will be designed between Project Tipping Point, the TIP L/A Leader, and an affiliated group, at no cost. Providing an opportunity to use developed planning and facilitation skills, the leader will co-create the session intended to support real-time problem solving and integrate learning in the leader’s daily environment.


At Project Tipping Point, we think boldly about Lewiston and Auburn’s future. Big ideas are achieved best when we all work together towards common aims. We know that to engage a broad cross section of the community in creating change, we need to explain the benefits to engaging- for the individual, the sending businesses & organizations, the funders, and the larger community of Lewiston Auburn.

“What’s in it for me” is a big question, and will have different responses related to the way in which one is interacting with Project Tipping Point.

The TIP L/A Leader will have:

  • An expanded network
  • Increased knowledge
  • Time and space to learn and practice
  • Access to monthly innovation social sessions
  • Monthly professional development
  • Access to and support from an extended alumni network
  • Access to online resources supporting learning and innovation

Click here to see ALL of the benefits.

Outcomes & Indicators

At Project Tipping Point, we think boldly about Lewiston and Auburn’s future. Big ideas are achieved best when the change you aim to make is clearly stated with both outcomes and indicators.  Only in its first year, Project Tipping Point is looking ahead at the next eight years; designing the TIP L/A Leader Program, events, seminars and network building spaces with the end in mind.

We design our work for:

  • the individual,
  • the class & cohort,
  • sending organizations & businesses
  • Lewiston Auburn

Read our full outcomes and indicators.