TIP L/A Leader Development Program

TIP L/A Leader Program

The Project Tipping Point TIP L/A Leader Program is an 18-month personal and professional development journey aimed at building effective, inspired and happy leaders, rooted in the community of Lewiston-Auburn.

As a TIP L/A Leader you will be:

  1. skilled and practiced in facilitative leadership, change management, and designing and accomplishing lasting community change
  2. strengthening, tightening and expanding the robust network within which you work
  3. contributing to the critical mass of leaders L/A needs for transformation


The Leader Program places equal weight on what is studied: the curriculum, theories, and skills; and how the learning happens: co-created curriculum, case study analysis, project based experiential learning, relationship building and individuals’ network diversification.

TIP L/A Details

Tuition to TIP L/A Leader is $5,000- learn more about our scholarships and payment plans.


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TIP L/A Leader program is differentiated by its thoughtful design and multiple components.


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There are benefits to participants, sending businesses & organizations, and funders. 


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Check out our end game, and how we track our progress. 


Learn more about Outcomes & Indicators here.

There are many ways to be part of the TIP L/A Leader Program

Become a TIP L/A Leader by applying before August 5th. Orientation for our next class is in October, and scholarships are determined early. 

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Sponsor someone you know, or get matched to a leader based on your aligned interests and future relationship potential. 

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Project Tipping Point is working with the existing network of Lewiston Auburn.  We want you to get connected, and we want to connect you to others.

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