We are Project Tipping Point

Thinking big, leading change.

Who We Are
The people you pass on the walking path, sitting at the table next to you at the local coffee shop, or enthusiastically attending a community gathering. We are socially engaged and passionate about who we are, what we do, and especially, where we live. We believe in the potential of Lewiston-Auburn, and we’re not afraid to challenge the current status quo—head on—if it means long-term improvement for the Twin Cities.

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What We Do
Project Tipping Point aims to create positive transformation in Lewiston-Auburn through training, facilitation, teaching, engaging and developing potential leaders in social innovation, while building and strengthening a robust network within our diverse community.

We do this through our TIP L/A Leader Program – where participants are led over 18 months through professional development with a L/A focus. The program includes:

  • a co-created, experiential curriculum
  • real world case studies
  • community change strategies
  • organizational capacity building


We also offer consulting services to either further participants’ learning or help broaden their contribution. Based on scientifically proven theories in social network analysis and facilitative leadership, our goal is to weave a tighter network of individuals, businesses, organizations, and their existing or emergent leaders. 

We are building Project Tipping Point to curate community spaces- through community-wide events, weekend seminars, periodic conferences, outreach projects – and through ways that we haven’t even thought of yet – all in connection and collaboration with L/A businesses, employers, employees, non-profits, individuals, board members, students, neighborhood groups, immigrant and refugee populations – anyone who wants to get involved and work to “tip L/A.” Our goal is always to get ideas out there, to get people talking and working together, to put the theories of positive change into practice.  

Project Tipping Point Lewiston Auburn

Why We Do It
We care about the community of Lewiston-Auburn. We live, work and leisure here. We want to see it be the best version of itself that it can possibly be. But the old way of doing things has to change. We live in a world where using an antiquated playbook of “how things should be done” is obsolete. To empower change—real, true, positive, innovative change across all socio-economic and societal backgrounds—there needs to be a strong network of diverse individuals working toward a common good and bringing forth new, perhaps disruptive ideas. There also needs to be commitment—commitment to sticking with it through the thick and the thin, the long and the short. That’s why Project Tipping Point and the individuals and businesses who participate all make at least a five-year commitment to Lewiston-Auburn. This isn’t fleeting. This is real. And real transformation takes time.

We believe the old way of doing things is over. It’s time to facilitate the future—and the potential—of Lewiston-Auburn through the creation of a robust, cohesive network.


What the network is

Groups are often disconnected, and a small number of individuals are key connectors, without whom the network would splinter and separate. A network like this is one where ideas are not shared, resources are not maximized, and efforts are duplicated and inefficient.

What the network could be

A cohesive network of skilled leaders who are practiced in change management. The network is woven tighter, facilitating innovative ideas, new approaches, and an efficient use of resources. There are many individuals who are connectors—reinforcing strong ties and spreading leadership among the many, not the few.

What We Stand For


To create, connect, and engage a robust community network for positive change within Lewiston-Auburn.


Project Tipping Point envisions a Lewiston-Auburn where neighbors help neighbors, children take pride in hailing from the Twin Cities, and the reputation of this great community is representative of the immense potential that is present here. We aim to abolish social injustices like poverty and crime, and will create and support thriving community connections where collaborative work is commonplace.

Through avant-garde thinking and by building a diverse network of businesses, non-profits, grassroots organizations and individuals, new generations of socially savvy, innovative leaders will be created, empowered, and continuously supported for the long-term betterment of Lewiston-Auburn and the people who live, work and leisure here.

Our People